When to call a spider exterminator by Rentokil in Dallas Fort Worth TX

Spiders strike fear in the hearts of people everywhere. While spiders may not pose as big of a threat as other pests, excessive spiders or webs along with more dangerous species can cause problems in residential and commercial settings. Spider problems must be addressed when there are repeating infestations or when a more dangerous type of spider is involved. At Rentokil – Dallas Fort Worth, we understand the fear associated with these pests and are happy to help our residential and commercial customers with year-round spider control services.

Signs You Need Pest Control For Spiders

In general, spiders can be found in dark, secluded areas both inside and outside your property. Seeing excessive webs or dealing with endless infestations in the following areas warrants a call to your local spider exterminators:

  1. The size and shape of spider webs vary by species. Some are orb-shaped while others are funnel-shaped. They are often suspended by trees, porches, or in attics.
  2. Some spider species live in burrows rather than webs, while others are free-ranging and take refuge in crevices.
  3. Some species of spiders are attracted to moist environments. Check your basements, walls, sheds, and other damp locations for spider activity.
  4. Other species can be found in places such as attics, the junction of a wall and ceiling, closets, and storage boxes.
  5. Spiders feed on other insects and prey on ants, flies, woodlice, and other spiders, so where there is a plentiful supply of other insects, spiders will follow along.

How Can a Spider Exterminator Help?

Sometimes the best answer to a recurring spider problem is a professional pest control company. The team at Rentokil will take the following steps:

  1. A thorough property inspection of your home or business.
  2. Identification of the spider species and the conditions that may be attracting them.
  3. Development of a spider pest control plan to tackle your unique infestation.
  4. Spider exclusion efforts to control sources of the infestation.
  5. Implementation of spider control products, baits, or traps.
  6. When necessary, further visits from our spider exterminators to provide long-lasting control.

Best Spider Exterminators in Dallas and Fort Worth

If you are considering getting pest control for spiders, it’s time to call the exterminators at Rentokil. We will walk you through our spider pest control process. Not only will we look for conditions that invite spiders and tackle current infestations, we will also work to stop their life cycle to prevent future invaders. Contact us today to set up an inspection.

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When to Call a Spider Exterminator in Dallas - Fort Worth

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