When to call a scorpion exterminator by Rentokil in Dallas and Fort Worth TX

Hiring a Scorpion Exterminator

Scorpions are a common pest across the hot and dry southwestern United States. These arachnids are feared for their sting. North America has three native species of scorpions: The Arizona hairy scorpion, the stripe tailed scorpion, and the Arizona bark scorpion. Of these three, the hairy scorpion and the bark scorpion can cause adverse reactions to humans and the bark scorpion can cause serious harm.

When You Find Scorpions In Your Home

The Arizona hairy scorpion, also known as the desert scorpion, is easily recognizable due to its size. As the largest scorpion in North America it measures 5 to 7 inches in length and possesses a yellow body with brown markings on top. The more insidious pest is the Arizona bark scorpion due to its smaller size–only up to 3 inches in length. These scorpions are capable of entering homes through small entrances such as cracks in a house’s foundation or unsealed windows.

On occasion, scorpions may find their way inside of homes on clothing or objects or inside of containers. In these cases, they can be handled easily via spray, squashing, or simply taking the scorpion outside. If multiple scorpions are noticed in a short period of time it may be likely that there is a deeper problem. In the wild, scorpions will hide underneath rocks in order to escape the heat of the sun. When given the opportunity, they will enter a home in order to gain access to food, water, and a comfortable environment.

Extermination & Exclusion of Scorpions

In order to prevent a scorpion infestation, access points should be cut off. All cracks in foundations and walls should be sealed, and windows and doors should be checked to ensure that they seal properly. The interior of a home should be kept clean in order to keep the environment from becoming attractive to scorpions, namely through the accumulation of water and invitation of insects that scorpions can feed upon. Keeping obstacles like boxes from accumulating prevents scorpions from finding hiding places inside a home.

Regular Scorpion Treatment For High Risk Areas

In the event of a scorpion infestation, a licensed pest control professional can both treat the scorpions and assist in identifying problem areas. It is important to remember that prevention is the best measure, including treating outdoor environments on a regular basis in order to keep scorpions far away from home environments.

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When to Call a Scorpion Exterminator in Dallas - Fort Worth

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